Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ready to Walk...Still Time to Donate

Hi folks - hoping the rain holds off for Liver Walk NYC tomorrow AM.
Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to our team effort and will join us at the walks.
So far, we're about half way to our fundraising goal - near $2,300.
There's still plenty of time to pass this info on to anyone else who you think may be in a position to help.

Sorry for the long delay in updates - we've been busy - signing up organ donors in NJ on behalf of the NJ Sharing Network and getting on with life - every day counting our blessings and thanking donors worldwide. We attended a quite moving ceremony at St. Patrick's Cathedral some time back featuring hundreds of donor families and recipients - a truly joyous event - presided over by a priest who was involved in a kidney donation with his brother.

Health is great, life is wonderful and hope everyone reading this can say the same.


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