Wednesday, December 15, 2004

December 14, 2004

Although David transfered back to the Intensive Care
Unit today, his spirit is strong and he had a pretty
good day. I read him all the emails that we receive
in a day and I read him the blog that I posted last
night. When I asked him what he wanted me to write
today he said, "just keep it light". He has not lost
his sense of humor at all. When describing the white
thigh high stockings he is now sporting, he confessed
to me that he feels like a naughty school girl or
someone about to cross the Delaware with George
Washington. That's the David I know and love!!!

His new location provides a stunning view of the East
river and the neon Pepsi sign. He seems happy to be
back amoung his nurse buddies at the ICU and they are
taking excellent care of him. They granted his desire
to have some coffee today and I promptly ran out and
got him a cup of Starbucks coffee that he has been
craving. I must say, that really perked him up!! He
dictated two letters that I will hand deliver
tomorrow. One goes to David Letterman and the other
to Jon Stewart. He is a big fan of both comedians and
has utmost respect for their talent and celebrity
influence. Maybe they can support the cause of organ
donation and heighten the awareness that organ
donation really does save lives.

David loved seeing the beautifully decorated
tablecloth that so many of our friends contributed too
and like me, he is overwhelmed with the kindness in
our community. We always knew we were blessed, just
by having our children, but our friends and neighbors
have proven just how lucky we are.

Tasha's school picture came today and seeing her
beautiful smiling face really brightened David's day.
He kept kissing her picture. She is a radiant beauty.
I have been videotaping the kids almost every day and
sharing the video with David. He loved watching them
sing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Today, he even
allowed me to videotape him. I tried to get him to
sing Rudolf the red nosed reindeer back to the kids
but he decided to read the book to them instead on a
digital audiorecorder.

David is drawing so much inspiration from so many
sources and he is staying so strong and positive. He
will beat this and he will be back to stun us with his
brillance and humor us with his puns. Love to all.

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At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is Marlene (and Bill c/o Marlene). Just wanted to say to Dave and Nancy that we are think of you lots. We are so happy to hear Dave is in good spirits. Keep that up, Dave, positive thinking is often the best medicine. Ciao for now.


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