Saturday, April 23, 2005

Happy Earth Day...Driving My ''Mercedes''

Folks - I've been out driving my 'Mercedes' everyday, pushing my new, reborn body to get in shape, and wearing my liver transplant logo scar proudly. I've been wearing a pedometer that my employer, Dow Jones, gave out last year to those who signed up for a fitness program called ''Walk This Way.'' I kept up with it for several weeks, logging the 6,000 steps goal each day. But when I got hit with my mystery hepatitis in late July, I was grounded. A while later, I got a T-shirt from the program and a certificate commending me for ''making it half way.'' I laughed at the image of me being stranded halfway through my walk and not able to make it back. Now, I'm making it back and turning around and heading out again.

The T-shirt, as it happens was size Large and wouldn't fit at the time even as bologna skin on my XL body. Now, post-transplant, I've shed some 25-30 lbs - better for it and determined to keep it off - and the shirt fits nicely. I noticed, too, for the first time the inspiration saying on the back from the inspirational author, Scott Reed: ''This one step -- choosing a goal and sticking to it -- changes everything.''

I've been out just about every day, logging as much as 7.25 miles (9,000 plus steps) on my walks and seeing my lovely town - an explosion of cherry blossoms and magnolias -- at a pleasant stride.

Many folks have noticed me and cheered me on my walks and that's inspired me to send away for some DONATE LIFE T-shirts to wear to be a living billboard in promoting the cause that gave me my life.

Every day I'm walking this earth is Earth Day to me, whether I get outside or not. These glorious outdoor days have been a thrill - along with usual groundhogs and deer - I've encountered snakes by the riverside and spotting something in a pen that looked like either a fat goat or an oddly colored sheep - I'm betting on the latter.)
I've encountered conclaves of cardinals (more inclusive than the Roman variety, with ladies in their midst) and shared with them my views of the new pope. I sent good wishes to orioles and blue jays in my path for an enjoyable - but not too successful - baseball season. I've found markers along the road to forgotten local heroes who donated park lands, signs that are all but invisible to anyone moving beyond footspeed.

So, what are you doing reading this? Shut off the computer and get outdoors.
Take a walk. Take a hike.
Happy Earth Day to you!


At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Joe ODonnell said...

Its great to see that you are recovering! Good health to you!

We miss your views and weekly commentary on the oil biz!

Regards, Joe ODonnell, Aquila, Inc.


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