Monday, December 19, 2005

Return To NYU - Which Floor Is It?

Folks - We went back to NYU for a most enjoyable visit - the holiday party for the Transplant Staff and organ recipients. No liver was not served. It was nice to see all the doctors and nurses who took care of me last December - and since. Several organ recipients were there with their spouses and it and everyone looked so good, it was hard to tell the patients from their spouses. Shari, who had an active PR campaign before a donor was found, was there - with her husband. They carried through with their original wedding date - just a short while after her release from the hospital. Alex and Tasha met with doctors, including the chief, Lewis Teperman, who made them laugh. The big hit was seeing my old roommate Jean - who looked 20 years younger a year after his kidney/liver transplant. I jokingly called him ''doctor'' because he looked so fine in his suit and tie and robust smile. We went up to visit the nurses on the floor and I didn't honestly know what floor it was that we had to go to - I had never gone under my own power before.
We had a busy day in NYC, watching the Radio City Christmas Show, seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center before heading back to the local firehouse for a magic show and a visit with the real Santa Claus. Alex said he's the real one because he gets everthing he asks him for. This year, he showed up with a list - two sides of a page! The usual magician - Great Scott - was a big hit - part Vaudeville comedy, part cheesey but great magic. I thought the kids would be sick from all the belly laughs! The best line of the night was when Alex pointed out that Great Scott looks just like Dr. Teperman. It's true - and well, Lew is a magician of sorts. That just conjures up images of endless colored handkerchiefs being pulled out of my belly prior to transplant.
Wildly emotional days. Friday was the one-year anniversary of the day that I turned down the liver from the 80-year-old non-traditional donor. The recipient's wife sent an email wishing us the best and we continue to pray that Mike gets stronger each day. The firehouse party was the same event that Nancy had to shuffle the kids to and became a wreck at last year - comforted wonderfully by friends and strangers - and was the start of many campaigns by our incredible neighbors. It felt so great for me to be able to attend this year and to thank everyone for everything they did last year. We had a nice gathering of friends over on Saturday for a cozy party.
Nancy gifted me with a re-birthday bracelet, which I will always wear with my DONATE LIFE/DONE VIDA and LIVESTRONG bands.
Dora is treating me well and we're all looking forward to many, many long years together.


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