Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy New Year...etc!

Yep - Happy New Year!
That's our message. Have we shaken the calendar upside down? Lost some pages?
Nope - time's just flying by. Not that we are trying to rush through summer by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it feels pretty weird being at work at this time of year - given the events of the last two years.
The Happy New Year wish should also include: Happy Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, (Canadian Thanksgiving, too, for Gloria in physical therapy), Hannukah, Christmas and anything else in between - to everyone at the NYU Transplant Clinic.
If everything goes according to plan, I won't be seeing them until early January - but they'll certainly be in my thoughts and close to my heart as always.
At my Monday visit Dr. Devon John told me my numbers look great and that I don't have to return for a check up for another six months. I thought he said 66 months and we laughed that it sounded like an auto lease - but I have no intention of turning back this liver. I'm glad to say I feel great - we've been enjoying the summer - even when it rains. Getting a lot of morning and evening walks in - among the deer, foxes and rabbits. As the 19th month anniversary of my transplant rolls closer - on the 19th - we're looking forward to a New Jersey Sharing Network event - where we'll have the opportunity to honor my (anonymous) donor and meet donor families and transplant recepients.

Since about the time I started shaving, I been using the same mug that my sister Kathy gave me for Christmas one year as part of an Aramis cologne gift set - I don't think I ever wore the cologne - but the sturdy brown mug with the two-fingered handle has been a daily staple. It's only just recently that I paid attention to the message: Life Is A Joy And All Things Show It.
True, true. Yep - even shaving before rushing for the train in the office - and don't forget the morning meds before leaving!


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