Thursday, December 16, 2004

December 15, 2004

David continues to be in good spirits and the doctors
have shared encouraging news that he may just get his
Christmas miracle. We are hoping and praying that he
gets a new liver by Christmas. It just might happen!
Your prayers are working.

I want to be clear that David is no longer a candidate
to receive half of a liver from a living donor. He is
too sick to survive on half of a liver, he needs a
whole liver which can only come from a deceased donor.
We want to thank the many brave and heroic people who
came forward to be tested and offered to give David
half of their liver. You are amazing people and we
will cherish your kindness forever. We also know
there are many more of you out there who wanted to
donate but were not the right blood type. I have
never witnessed a more loving group of people willing
to help. THANK YOU.

David is perfectly stable and strong and ready for
this surgery. He received a few visitors today and
that made him very happy. He misses Tasha and Alex so
much but the videotape messages have been great. The
kids love seeing Daddy on video too and continue to
sing silly songs and make funny faces.
Love to all,

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At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey David,
Just read the Dec. 15 update, I was so happy that you're feeling better. Be strong, keep up your spirits. You will be playing Santa to Alex and Tasha soon! Stay strong!.... Andrea.


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