Saturday, June 04, 2005

''David...You ROCK!!!!''

Hi Folks -

Those are the words spoken today by Belinda Miller, co-host of our favorite radio show, Greasy Kid Stuff, on WFMU 99.1 FM and on the web.

At my request, Belinda played ''Happy Doesn't Have To Have An Ending,'' (what we call Hippie Kitten's song) by They Might Be Giants. I asked her to dedicate it everyone walking in the New York City Liver Walk tomorrow at Riverside Park and the June 12 walk at Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

Belinda remembered that she, and co-host Hova, dedicated the song to me months ago for my ''rebirthday'' celebrating my Dec. 19 liver transplant.

Noting that your donations to my fund-raising efforts now top more than $4,000 (!!!) and that I'm doing the 3.1-mile walks months after my transplant, Belinda remarked: ''David...You ROCK!!!!''

They also gave a belated birthday holler to Alex and Tasha, who turned 7 and 4 on May 26, noting they're ''Irish twins'' born the same day, but years apart.

I laced up for a leg-stretching 4-mile walk today - and everything stayed where it's supposed to, so far - so should be in good shape for tomorrow's walk - I may even go around twice for more pledges!

To hear Greasy Kid Stuff, click on to
find Greasy Kid Stuff under Saturday and click on Real player or MP3 version.

The dedication comes about 40 minutes into the show and the birthday hollers about an hour into it. Don't be put off by the early accordion music!


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