Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Party - For Me? Well, At Least An Early Present

Monday brought me back to NYU Transplant clinic for my six-month check-up. I passed my latest blood test with flying colors. Must have been all that last-minute studying!

Several trains, commuter rail stops and subway transfers later I ended up on the site of my own Miracle On 34th Street to find out that my insurance company (which shall remain nameless, but spelled backwards is Antea) now requires that I get a referral from my regular doctor to have a check-up with the specialized doctors who saved my life more than two years ago with my just-in-time liver transplant.

In my view, I've got a foot and half of scars that serve as a valid lifetime referral.

No biggie, but you would think they would have told me beforehand that they changed the rules. But then again, I'm only the patient. They've actually been very good, throughout, and hopefully that will continue.

Hopefully they won't try to repossess my liver.

Dr. Morgan at NYU told me everything looks great and they don't need to see me again for nine months - just keep taking the same dosage of Prograf, Prednisone and Septra and get the bloodwork done regularly.

They asked me to come back in early September - on my birthday = as it happens.
Are they planning a surprise party? Well, I got my present early.

And the surprise will be on them - I think I'll reschedule it for a couple days later - give myself a birthday present of not making the trek into the city.
Instead, a nice hike in the woods or a long, long cycling tour sounds like just the treat. Or anything at all with Nancy and the kids.

So, Happy Valentines Day - etc - straight through to Labor Day - to the NYU Gang.

And I know we'll see many of you at Liver Walk in June - at its gorgeous new NYC venue in Battery Park City - with stunning views of the Statue of Liberty (and New Jersey).

More details soon about Save David Foundation events - and on how to participate in our Liver Walk team!

All the best to donor families everywhere, my own donor family, all transplant recipients, all those on the list, and all registered donors. Hopefully that will cover everyone in the world!


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