Sunday, December 19, 2004

David is feeling inspired

David has been so uplifted by all the well wishes,
visitors and emails. He is looking forward to
returning the many hugs and kisses that have been sent
his way. He is buoyed by the video messages from the
kids and moved by my reports of fundraising efforts by
our community. He is truly inspired to write a book
about all of this some day and already has so many
chapters written in his mind. I have no doubt he
will accomplish that goal and come out of this as the
stongest supporter for organ donation. How can he

Daily visits from Father Anthony brighten his day.
This friendly Nigerian priest told David he had the
same face as his mentor. It was the first time David
was told that he reminded someone of a Nigerian man
held in such high regard. It warmed his heart.

David has been receiving such excellent care at NYU
Medical Center. All things considered, he is feeling
good and takes a stroll around everyday. We are
waiting, waiting, waiting for a healthy liver to come
soon. Thanks for all your love and support.

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