Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Face Of 2005

There's a new face to 2005. No, I'm not talking about
Regis Philbin filling in for the ailing Dick Clark at
the ball drop for the first time in 100 years. I'm
talking about the new beardless Bird - last since
circa 1993. Went wild with the electric razor last
night minutes before midnight. After nuzzling noses
with Tasha she gave me her run down of ''beard,
mustache and funny little hair, funny little hair.''
Now I still have terminal bed head, but the goatee and
'stache are gone. Since I'm pounds lighter there are
few chins this time, so the look is somewhat soothing
if not sobering when I see it in mirror. Oddly, Alex
awoke (after staying up to midnight with us), dressed
as Sherlock Holmes and drew on a grease paint
moustache. Tasha continues to flit around in butterfly
wings on the best day of the coming best year ever.
Staying alive in 2005!
Visiting nurse came for lengthy visit today and is
setting up physical therapy including massage and
everything else I need, after refreshing bath things
are feeling great and heading out for a traditionalo
walk in the woods.
Folks - please add to prayer list - pray for repose of
soul of Christian Fleetwood, 44, brother of my train
traveling buddy and Dow Jones colleague Carmen
Fleetwood. Christian died after falling through the
ice of the Passiac River while fishing near his
Millington home last Sunday. He worked at A&P and at
Country Farms store. Memorial will be 2 PM Sunday at
All Saint's Episcopal Church. Carmen was nice enough
to deliver mail to me from the office during my

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At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep posting David - it is refreshing to get your personal take on all of the events in the past 30 days and before........still thinking about harmonious mending and functioning of all systems. Glad you enjoyed your ringing in of the New Year and a belated xmas celebration with your family. Amy


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