Friday, December 31, 2004

There's No Place Like Home...

Folks, with a raucous cry of ''David is Sav-ed'' Dr.
Lewis Teperman ordered my release from the NYU
Transplant Unit today 12 days after giving me my new
liver. Nancy and I got home around 3:30 PM to find
that neighborhood elves had strung yellow ribbons and
"Welcome home, Dad" balloons all around the front of
the house. We celebrated in relaxing style - with a
roaring fire in the fireplace, Pizza Mill pizza and
sparkling cider and a cocktail of 14 different meds.
Looking forward to tomorrow when the final neck
bandage comes off and I can shave my face, so I don't
resemble a just out of his spider hole Saddam. I've
still got a stomach patch which needs to get dressed
for leakage and an emergency quick-entry spaghetti
strand dangling from below my right ribs in case they
need to make a quick entry to drain any fluids.
Another fresh pair of white thigh-highs for my
Christmas stockings and I'm back. Fresh air was quite
a concept after 23 days and truly events are more
tiring than one thinks. It's amazing how much sleep
you do in the hospital without realizing it. But I'm
ready to do my part, there are lost episodes of
PeeWee's Playhouse among the DVD sets Nancy got me for
Christmas - with the secret word for today as "HOME" -
scream real loud. The Star Ledger delivered a nice
piece today, but got the date of fhe transplant wrong
by a day as Dec. 20. We are back to NYU on Monday for
blood work and Tuesday for an early assessment at the
clinic. Looking forward to strolling into a warm 2005.
Tasha introduced me to her new bug and butterfly
collection while Alex showed what a true Jedi he has
become with his one-sided green light sabre. The song
on loop in my head today continues to be Oh Happy Day,
by the Edwin Hawkins singers. It will take a while to
pry that one loose - May the Force Be With You.

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At 8:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We couldn't find the article in yesterday's Star-Ledger. Will someone please write exactly where it was? Thanks.

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What great news. Welcome home, David!
Ed and Pam.


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