Monday, June 06, 2005

Doc Says More Drugs - But That's A Good Thing

Hi folks -

NYU transplant doctor gave a glowing review at my latest two-month evaluation today. He said I'm getting much healthier as I approach the six-month mark with my new liver.
So, he upped my medication.
How's that again?
Pay close attention. There's no quiz, I promise. It's somewhat counter-intuitive, but it's good news.

Basically, like all other organ-transplant recipients, my body is trying every second to reject the foreign object in my body - my glorious donor's liver, Dora. Medical wizardry has determined that anti-rejection drugs, such as Prograf and Prednisone can counteract the body's natural defenses against the intruder. Basically, they try to trick the body into believing ''There's nothing to see here. Move along. Carry on.''

Just after I came home from the hospital, my weakened body was more easily tricked, so relatively small doses of the anti-rejection drugs were needed.

Now, as I'm growing stronger with exercise, a good healthy diet and holding steady weight at around 180 pounds (compared with 210 a year ago and a post-surgery low of below 160), my body's defenses are back on their A-game - like the Red Sox in their phenomenal playoffs comeback and World Series sweep.

So, due to my improved health, I need slightly stronger dosages of the anti-rejection drugs to combat the body's natural tendencies. Such tweaking will be a lifelong process. So, my Prograf is now up to 4 mg in the AM and 4 mg in the PM - compared with 3 mg and 2 mg and I'll be taking 5 mg of Prednisone in the PM, as well, not just 5 mg in the AM.

I'll likely get the all clear to return to work following bloodwork over the next several weeks.

Better living through chemistry!


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