Sunday, June 05, 2005

On A Heavenly Day, A Walk In The Park...

Hi folks -

Liver Walk NYC was a glorious event! Under gorgeous sunny skies, we chugged along with friends from the NYU Transplant Center and tallied up a nice chunk of change for the American Liver Foundation. Thanks to more than four dozen donors, we turned over more than $4,100 to the effort to find a cure for liver disease. The only thing that topped it off for me was to come home tonight and find that a further $100 was added to just moments before the walk began. This effort has raised $4,230 so far - the most of any individual or team - and we'll turn up more ahead of next Sunday's Liver Walk at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ, the last of three walks run by the New York area chapter of the ALF. So far, the three events have raised more than $56,000 for the cause.
Alex walked most of the 3.1 mile route with me and Nancy pushed Tasha along in the stroller. We were all adorned with Donate Life tattoos and I carried a picket sign reading I Love NYU Transplant Staff on one side and Thank You, Donors on the other side. The latter is a double-pronged show of gratitude to all who helped my fundraising - any everyone else's - and also to those incredible donors and their families who have given the gift of life.

I had a home-made T-shirt showing I was 'driving my Mercedes' liver transplant scar for the cause. Apart from the oddity of dodging unicyclists, it was a lovely day in the park - made better by the fact that many, many of the participants - like myself - are on steroids - and that's a good thing!

As usual, my thought for the day calendar put everything in perspective...
''Don't regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.''

Still time to contribute - in any currency by credit card at

Contact me at for information on how to pay by check.


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